Posted 1 year ago

My Diamond Ring Story

Recently I had the good fortune of getting engaged and receiving that diamond engagement ring that every woman and girl out there dreams about. My boyfriend and I had to go through a period of physical separation because he is from the United Kingdom, and I am from the United States. Due to visa issues, we could not be in the same place at the same time for about four months and to be honest, it was hard to see how this situation was going to resolve. We talked every day on Skype and when he told me that he was going to be out of contact for one weekend, I was slightly suspicious because no matter where he goes, we always find a way to message or talk, if only for a few minutes. What I did not know was that he was secretly traveling to the United States with a diamond ring in his pocket to ask me to marry him Engagement Rings.

The importance of the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham
Now that I have my own ring and am planning my wedding, I have become sort of an expert on engagement rings because I have been looking mine up and asking him about it. It turns that he bought this one in the Jewellery quarter Birmingham, which is a significant center of jewelry production in the world. I was so surprised to learn that almost half of all the jewelry from the United Kingdom comes from the Birmingham Jewellery quarter, and it is the most significant concentration of diamond rings in the world. Just knowing that my ring comes from such a historic place made it all the more special for me Diamond Wedding Rings.

The variety of diamond engagement rings
I had never given it much thought before, but it turns out that the variety of diamond engagement rings is staggering. Not that I know all that, I am glad I never had to pick one out for myself. The cut of the diamond, how many diamonds are on the ring, the metal, the style, and many more things have to be taken into account. Choosing the wedding ring is far easier because they tend to be much more plain. I want us to have diamond wedding rings, which just means that it is a standard ring with diamonds embedded into the band. Come to think of it, that is probably how mine will look like, but I cannot see him going for a ring like that. Anyway, I have time to figure that out Diamond Engagement Ring.

The durability of platinum engagement rings
When it comes to the price of the ring, one of the most important considerations is the metal. Platinum engagement rings are by far the most expensive, but they are also the most durable. This is the hardest of the metals that you can buy, so it will be more resistant to scratches and general wear and tear. It will also appear brighter and shinier than gold or silver, both of which are rather soft and can lose their luster over time. If you can afford it, platinum is the way to go in the long run Diamond Engagement Rings.